Speed, Quality and Reliability, that is what our network is all about.


There are many “web solutions” companies in Sri Lanka who promise to be experts at everything. We take a different tact! We are experts at one thing only: Web Hosting! At host.lk – Ideabase (Pvt) Ltd, our passion for our work is what drives us and our experience gets the job done. Since 2005, we have been committed to bringing the power of the Internet to our invaluable customers across the globe with innovative and easy-to-use products that are supported by unmatched customer service.

The personal attention we give to our clients is a welcome breath of fresh air to many who miss the days of face to face business interactions. While technology has enabled greater efficiency and productivity, Host.lk stands by the motto that every client is a VIP. Our goal is to provide personal care to each of our clients. You are not just a number to us. We look forward to building successful relationships with each and every one of you and pledge to strive to maintain the first class service and support you’ve become accustomed to.

Our great support, the latest technology, the best network, the amazing self-support tools available and everything we do is tailored to add value to our service being offered! Our affordable and feature-packed plans are available for all your changing needs in all of these. As one of the most affordable and leading web hosting companies, our experience gives us the skills to guide our customers through the process of getting on the web by continually developing new, easy-to-use features and tools that take the difficulty out of creating, promoting and having a website.

Regardless of whatever your needs are, whether it’s something simple as web hosting or something as complicated as server management, we are your one stop shop for all your hosting needs!