How to prevent auto form submission (a.k.a. Form Spam)

January 15th, 2015 / Administrator / 0 comments

Today, Most of spammers use web site forms to populate automatic and submit. This will affect site administrators getting spam submission emails and unwanted users in the systems. We have recently reviewed some of client account which seems to sending large number of emails from the servers. As we investigate most of them are generating as form notifications. Sometimes this will not affects to the site at once. But in server level we’re facing to great difficulties due to this issue. Some of them our we have listed below.

  • Sever IPs will get blacklist from SPAM Lists
  • Servers get overload due to high robot traffic
  • Database get over populated and affects to the server performance

How can we prevent these?

Most of the time we can prevent automated submissions. We have listed few popular ways to prevent,

  1. Implement a CAPTCHA
  2. Implement hidden field with dynamic value which populates with JavaScript

Form the following links you can read more about these techniques.